Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s X-SURE® is the Gold-Standard of Road Hazard Guarantees

Tiger Wheel & Tyre has reinvented its X-SURE® product as a superior quality, highly affordable road hazard guarantee. The new and improved X-SURE is a motorist’s guarantee that irreparable tyre damage won’t leave them out of pocket.

At the point of purchasing new tyres, Tiger Wheel & Tyre customers can add on the purchase of X-SURE for a 12- or 24-month period, for a once-off affordable payment. Thereafter, should their qualifying tyre/s suffer irreparable damage, they will receive a credit equal to 100% of the cost of a new tyre, up to the maximum amount specified or the guaranteed amount selected at the time of purchase.

X-SURE has some terrific features including no cover limits, no tread usage penalty, no excess, an easy claim process and available on new and used tyres, among others.

Also included in the new X-SURE stable, is a product that enhances the manufacturer’s road hazard guarantee included with some new tyre purchases. X-TRA Cover is an affordable top-up benefit that pays in the difference between the replacement value of the tyre being replaced and the tyre manufacturer’s road hazard warranty, in the form of a credit towards the purchase. So, if the manufacturer’s warranty offers a credit of 75% towards the replacement tyre, X-TRA Cover will chip in the 25% difference.

Additional Ts and Cs apply and can be viewed on the retailer’s website.

Now, thanks to Tiger Wheel & Tyre, motorists can be more than just sure about their ability to journey on, they can be X-SURE. Learn more at www.twt.to.