GIMME, GIMME MORE – GIVE ME MORESURE® Taking care of your tyres when the unexpected happens

Why settle when you can have more?

If recent global events have taught us anything, it’s that we live in a world of uncertainty. That’s proven true, now more than ever. And, when the unexpected happens, we’ve learned to ensure that we have a safety net or fallback to provide a soft landing. From health insurance, car insurance to home insurance, we want peace of mind, knowing that we’re prepared for the worse.

But what about your tyres? Considering the investment we make each year to guarantee our tyres are in tip-top shape so that our families are safe on the roads, doesn’t it make sense to safeguard them too?

At TYRES & MORE®, they understand that things don’t always go smoothly when rubber meets the road.

That’s why they’ve introduced MoreSure™ Road Hazard Guarantee – tyre protection for when the unexpected happens!

From our pesky pothole ridden streets, curbs that we don’t always see and road debris that we can’t always swerve to avoid – don’t let these unforeseen nuisances derail your next trip. Rest easy knowing that your tyres are protected with MORESURE™ – the perfect product for new and used tyres. And did you know that you can get coverage for 12- or 24-months with a once-off affordable payment?

Are you covered? Application is quick, simple and easy. For more information log on to or visit your nearest store and speak to a salesperson who will be happy to take you through the benefits of MoreSure™ Road Hazard Guarantee, as well as the seamless claims process.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our customers and staff, TYRES & MORE® continues to implement and encourage strict hygiene protocols and social distancing across all stores.