In a string of new stores set to open, as part of the TiAuto Investments expansion plans for Tiger Wheel & Tyre, the latest store has debuted in the beautiful harbour town of Mossel Bay, along South Africa’s famous Garden Route.

“We are extremely excited to announce the successful opening of Tiger Wheel & Tyre Mossel Bay. This serves as a welcome addition to the number of Tiger Wheel & Tyre fitment centres already present in the Western Cape, and further reinforces the demand for expert quality vehicle fitment services in the region and across the country,” said Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

Continuing, “We invest in our people, so that we can invest in communities, create jobs and provide high standards of products and services, all to ensure the safety of our valued customers on our roads.”

Gerhard van der Schyff, designated store manager at the Mossel Bay fitment centre has been part of the Tiger Wheel & Tyre family for over six years. His time with the team thus far has proven rather valuable, bringing with him vast industry knowledge and brand confidence.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre are committed to providing consumers with expert advice, superior fitment services and quality products for every budget from leading brands in wheels, tyres and batteries.

For current promotions that embrace the Winter season, visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre Mossel Bay at the corner of Louis Fourie and Depot Road, Langeberg Mall, Die Voorbaai or call them on 010 510 2825. Shop 4 tyres from 13-inches to 17-inches and receive either a flask or flask set up to the value of R589. Additionally, if you’re looking to replace your car battery, get R100 off any AtlasBX or Duracell brand using BATTERYPROMO100. For more information visit www.twt.to or follow @TigerWheelnTyre on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



On board with PayJustNow – the hassle free, interest-free ‘South African Now-Now’ way to pay

Tiger Wheel & Tyre are excited to announce a new partnership with financial service provider PayJustNow, that presents consumers with a better way to pay, while also proving to be a responsible and rewarding alternative to credit.

“At Tiger Wheel & Tyre, we are constantly looking at fresh and innovative ways to connect with our customers and PayJustNow is all that and so much more. By offering consumers a quick, easy, convenient, and financially savvy way to pay for the things they need, vehicle owners are more likely to invest in their safety and the safety of their families and other road users, through proper vehicle care and maintenance,” shared Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

Adding, “Unfortunately, we are living in a tough economy and by partnering with PayJustNow, we hope to provide customers with a payment solution that none of our competitors are currently offering, while also encouraging smart budgeting.”

“Another reason to love the PayJustNow concept is the super simple application process that takes just minutes. As we like to say – shopping for the wheels you love and tyres you need just got easier.” concluded Singh.

The PayJustNow plan enables shoppers to pay for purchases in three equal instalments: “Now” – paid at the time of purchase, “Now Now” – paid at the beginning of the next month, and “Just Now” – paid at the beginning of the month after that.

In additional to launching the partnership with PayJustNow, 2022 marks a significant milestone for Tiger Wheel & Tyre as the flagship brand delight in their 55-year celebration. To commemorate the journey, they aim at celebrating the consumer by giving back. Shoppers stand a chance to win one of 55 R2022 vouchers that will be awarded throughout the year.

Visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre for premium products, quality service and professional advice. Shop the current Winter Campaign which runs until 30 July 2022. Buy any four premium brand tyres 17-inch or larger and receive a free flask set valued at R585. Or get a free flask valued at R250 when you buy any four, 13 to 16-inch premium brand tyres.

For more information log on to www.twt.to or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle @TigerWheelnTyre

(For the safety of our customers and team members, and in accordance with Covid-19 protocols, Tiger Wheel & Tyre continues to follow hygiene procedures and social distancing across all stores)




Tiger Wheel & Tyre George has been a mainstay of the surrounding community since opening its doors on 16 December 1998. Over nearly 25-years later, through the hard work and dedication of devoted owners, Sandra and Nico van Rensburg, the store has thrived into one of the leading fitment centres in the province.

“The Tiger Wheel & Tyre brand is so much more than just a tyre retailer and fitment centre. We genuinely care about the communities we are part of and call home. People choose us because they trust that they’re getting the best advice and service possible,” said Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

Continuing, “As the George fitment centre becomes a company owned store, customers can expect the same great family friendly offering – from premium products and service excellence to expert advice from a team of well-trained professionals.”

New store manager, Angela van Vuuren, has been handed the reigns and brings with her nearly two decades of experience from a global leader in industrial equipment supplies, and the added proficiency of regional sales and marketing.

“As we celebrate 55-years in South Africa, we are constantly reminded of how wonderful our customers are, and George is no exception. We are so grateful to this community for the love and support over the years. As the competitive landscape evolves, we look forward to an infusion of fresh ideas and perspective into the business, and promise to continue to bring you the same outstanding service that you’ve come to know and trust.”

For current promotions that embrace the Winter season, visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre George at 38 York Street, George South or call them on 044 884 1111. Shop 4 tyres from 13-inches to 17-inches and receive either a flask or flask set up to the value of R589. Additionally, if you’re looking to replace your car battery, get R100 off any AtlasBX or Duracell brand using BATTERYPROMO100. For more information visit www.twt.to or follow @TigerWheelnTyre on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram




Picture the scene: it’s a cold Monday morning in the dead of winter. Tucked away in the comfort and serenity of your bedroom, you find yourself enveloped in the warmth and cosiness of your thickest duvet, wishing you were laying on a tropical beach, basking in the sun…

Suddenly, your eyes dart open and you jump to your feet as the day ahead flashes before you in a haze of panic. “Loadshedding, dead phone battery, missed alarm, lunches, school run, board meeting, the big presentation, traffic – I need coffee!”

As you scramble out of the house, children in tow, you pile into the car, without a minute to spare. Chuffed at your combined efforts, you think “today is going to be a great day”.

But your ride has other plans – you switch on the engine and instead of that emphatic “vroom”, you’re met with a lacklustre clicking, regretting your decision to skip that free battery safety check from Tiger Wheel & Tyre!

If you’re like most people, then you don’t really know that you need a new car battery until it’s too late. At Tiger Wheel & Tyre, they’ve got your back with R100 off any AtlasBX or Duracell automotive battery that you purchase before 31 August 2022.

Additionally, here are some telling signs that your battery needs an urgent replacement:

  • Corroded terminals & warped case
  • Dimming headlights
  • Clicking sound when turning on the ignition
  • Engine backfiring
  • ‘Check battery’ light is on

You are also encouraged to follow these simple steps to help extend the life of your car battery:

  • Start your car regularly
  • Ensure your battery is tightly fastened
  • Switch off lights and radio when the engine isn’t running
  • Clean your battery often

When all else is done, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre for a battery safety check that’s completely free of charge!

Don’t stall – when there’s no time to lose, trust the award-winning auto-fitment brand to get you going safely. Follow @TigerWheelnTyre online at www.twt.to | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram




Seasons change, so should your battery!

No one enjoys the dreaded roadside assistance call when your battery fails, most especially in the crisp cold of winter. But as we journey through the colder months of the year, TYRES & MORE® wants you to be safe and prevent disaster before it happens. Before you turn down the lights and shut off your car for the day, take a few moments to go through this quick questionnaire to see if your car has signs of a failing battery.

  1. Harder to start your car on cold mornings?

We may struggle to get up and go with the chilly mornings, but your car shouldn’t. An inconsistent start could be a telltale sign of a loose or corroded battery terminal connection or perhaps a low draw of electric current from your battery.

  1. Are your headlights looking dimmer than usual?

With darker early mornings and longer nights, headlights are even more critical during the winter season. If you’ve noticed less brightness illuminating the road ahead when driving with your headlights on, your car battery may be dying and in need of a change.

  1. Have you found problems with your stereo system output?

If your favourite jams seem to have backing vocals from your engine, a battery problem may be looming. Look out for a squealing sound coming from the engine that gets louder as your sound system plays. Alternatively, you could test your battery by turning down the radio and then revving the engine to see if you hear a whine or fuzzy sound.

  1. Are you sure your alternator is in good working condition?

A good alternator regulates your electric current to keep it recharged, but a bad alternator can overcharge and overheat your battery, shortening its lifespan and making it unreliable. If your next car service is on the horizon, be sure to check if your alternator needs a replacement.

If you’ve checked no to all of the above, k

Keep your lucky streak going with the tips below and make sure you get a FREE battery test  at your nearest TYRES & MORE® store.


But if you’ve checked yes to any questions, then tis’ the season for changing for your battery! Shop for your new one with TYRES & MORE® and get R100 off with their latest offer today.


55 Years of Getting South Africans Home Safely


This year, award-winning auto-fitment retailer, Tiger Wheel & Tyre celebrates 55 years of delighting motorists across South Africa.

“Looking back at our journey over the last five decades, it has certainly been a roller coaster of emotions. I have been part of that journey for the last 24 years myself, and it has been an absolute pleasure and blessing,” conveyed Alex Taplin – Group CEO, TiAuto Investments.

Continuing, “I am immensely proud and blessed to be part of this ever-growing and evolving brand; and watching the expansion from 15 stores in 1998 to over a hundred stores nearly 25 years later has been a really fulfilling experience.”

Over the years, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has cemented its place in the lives of so many families – a legacy that has become a mainstay within communities across the country. From planning road trips with loved ones, being part of someone’s big moment, to daily errands, the Tiger Wheel & Tyre name is immediately recognisable and synonymous with trust, reliability, and industry expertise, and hearing South Africans sing along to the famous and catchy Tiger Wheel & Tyre Jingle just never gets old.

“At the heart of our brand are our customers, who for generations have shown us love and loyalty. Additionally, our amazing and hardworking team is one of the main pillars of our success, with many individuals having grown through the decades with the brand itself,” noted Taplin.

“Our success in the market has taken hard work and dedication. We pride ourselves in being our own worst critics as we thrive on that constant tension of self-reflection and improvement.  We have experienced our share of challenges in our noisy commercial landscape, with the recent pandemic being an unfortunate feature. The organisation simply adapts, adjusts and move forwards. Chaos is often the most opportune time to grow and birth new solutions and with this, our “Xpress Pick-Up & Delivery Service” was born – which was our way of getting closer to our customers while still maintaining social distancing.”

Tiger Wheel & Tyre takes pride in its offering – from premium products and quality services to expert advice from a team of well-trained professionals. Over the years, the brand has elevated its range by adding to its arsenal – namely in the form of 4×4 Fitment Centres, Wheel Collision Xpress Repair Centres and most recently, PG Glass services, all conveniently available at selected stores.

Add to that, sustained partnerships with other leading businesses in financial services, Fleet Management, 4×4 accessories and vehicle maintenance support services, to name a few, completes the vision for expanding Whole Life Mobility solutions.

To commemorate the 55-year journey, Tiger Wheel & Tyre aim to celebrate the consumer by giving back. Shoppers stand a chance to win one of 55, R2,022.00 vouchers that will be awarded throughout the year. You are also invited take a ride through the decades, reflecting on some of the brand’s greatest milestones.

“Back to work now, there’s still lots to be done! Thank you, South Africa, for bringing life to our ambitions. We are thrilled and honoured to be able to serve our customers and communities over many decades to come.” expressed Taplin.

2022 and beyond – follow @TigerWheelnTyre as their journey continues –  www.twt.to | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Voted “Best Tyre Supplier” By Beeld Readers

 Another milestone achievement in an already victorious year for beloved auto-fitment brand, Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

“Thank you to the wonderful readers of the Beeld publication for once again voting Tiger Wheel & Tyre number one in the “Bandverskaffer” category. This is now the tenth year that we have been awarded this amazing and gratifying honour, which is a true testament to our team members for consistently providing outstanding service to our valued customers,” said Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

The first-place platinum win for the retail giant comes in an already celebratory year, as Tiger Wheel & Tyre commemorates 55-years of getting South Africans home safely. To mark this momentous journey, the brand is celebrating the consumer, by giving back. Shoppers stand a chance to win one of 55, R2022 vouchers that will be awarded throughout the year. You are also invited to take a ride through the decades, looking back at some of the brand’s greatest milestones.

Visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre for premium products, quality service and professional advice.

For more information log on to www.twt.to or follow @TigerWheelnTyre as their journey continues –  | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Beware the dangers of buying counterfeit or replica wheels!

TiAuto urges all consumers to insist on the safety offered by genuine-brand wheels.

“Make no mistake, counterfeit wheels will fail, and when they do, the consequences could be catastrophic.” These are the hard-hitting words of Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.

The warning comes as authorities inform the public that criminals are flooding the market with counterfeit car parts and accessories, including alloy wheels.

Counterfeit wheels can be very hard to spot as they carry the trademarks of well-known car manufacturers or legitimate after-market wheel manufacturers.

“If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is,” continued Taplin. “Criminals within the industry are selling these wheels at very low prices, and, unfortunately, unsuspecting customers can be taken in by this perceived value. But, please, don’t fall for it. You are unwittingly putting the lives of yourself, your friends, and your family at risk. At the very least, you will end up paying more in the long run to have them repaired or replaced in the event of damage or failure.”

Testing shows that counterfeit, or replica, wheels, are of deeply inferior quality. In some cases, they are barely capable of carrying the vehicle’s unloaded weight, let alone any added passengers or goods. The sub-par engineering typically imparts either cheap, second-rate raw materials, or simply not enough material in key structural areas of the wheel which do not hold up to the challenges of real-world driving.

Authentic, aftermarket, alloy wheels, on the other hand, are produced to high quality and safety standards, even more so when it comes to specialty alloy wheels meant for off-road vehicles or sports cars. These standards are met to ensure that alloy wheels hold up under the stress of South Africa’s more extreme driving conditions.

So how can the motoring public distinguish the genuine from the dangerous?

  • Look at the price. If it’s too good to be true, it is exactly that. If you know a set of wheels costs around R20 000, and you see it being advertised for half the price or less, your alarm bells should be ringing. Also consider WHERE its being marketed – Some digital sales platforms / market places are easy prey for unsuspecting consumers.
  • Look at the branding. If the branding is not applied to the set of wheels, or is provided separately, you should steer well-clear. This is one of the biggest tells. Unscrupulous counterfeit dealers will give you decal stickers of respected brands to apply at home. This is done in a misguided attempt to evade prosecution for trademark infringement.

Taplin has the final word. “There’s an old South African adage, ‘Goedkoop is duurkoop.’ That’s especially true when it comes to buying a cheap set of counterfeit alloy wheels. They may cost you less now, but, unfortunately, one way or the other, you will pay more for them in the long run.”

TiAuto Investments, and its well-known brands, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and TYRES & MORE®, continue to coordinate with law enforcement to crack down on these unscrupulous dealers, and bring them to book.

Should you wish to verify the authenticity of any set of wheels please send a WhatsApp message to 073 137 8377or call 011 832 1174.




Beloved brand launches Coffee 4 Good initiative to help support rising entrepreneurs

South Africa’s favourite automotive fitment centre, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, have recently launched Tiger Beans – an ED (enterprise development) program aimed at offering customers a fresh and satisfying cup of coffee; while also providing unemployed South Africans the opportunity to help develop a small business for themselves that sustains a steady income flow.

“Hospitality was one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic, with over 3000 Baristas losing their jobs. As part of our ongoing Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Tiger Wheel & Tyre have teamed up with König Coffee to provide budding businessmen and businesswomen the skills and equipment required to maintain their very own coffee stand inside selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores”, said Farishta Singh, Group Marketing Executive – Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Continuing, “We are absolutely percolating with excitement! This has been such a great opportunity for us to pay it forward through these hard-working and committed individuals who see the long-term potential that these small businesses have to offer.”

“All training, equipment, product, and operating costs are covered by Tiger Wheel & Tyre. This essentially affords the baristas a sustainable work environment with zero set up costs to work for themselves, while garnering a monthly remuneration, a share in the growth of the business and invaluable experience.”

The next time you stop by your local award-winning Tiger Wheel & Tyre fitment centre for some much-needed love for your vehicle, don’t forget to refuel, recharge and refill with a freshly brewed cuppa for only R20 while you wait – it’s for a great cause!

Currently, there are two pilot stores that have incorporated the Tiger Beans initiative, namely, Tiger Wheel & Tyre Claremont, Western Cape and Tiger Wheel & Tyre Midrand, Gauteng. Expansion plans are set to roll out at another six locations in the next two months, with additional sites to follow, so look out for the Tiger Beans logos in store and please support the young men and women as they develop their very own businesses, and grab your delicious caffeine fix as you go

For more information log on to www.twt.to or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle @TigerWheelnTyre

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our customers and staff, Tiger Wheel & Tyre continues to implement strict hygiene protocols and social distancing across all stores.



Powering the way. Tiger Wheel & Tyre is going solar.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is driving the green initiative with the launch of the company’s first solar-powered store.

South Africa’s favourite automotive parts and fitment brand marks another milestone in its journey towards a healthier environment – and its drive for carbon neutrality.

The Company’s Fourways store is very proud to be the first of the Tiger Wheel & Tyre family to complete the move to solar power. This is just the first store to go solar, as the Company continues its mission to prioritise a carbon-neutral footprint, with all stores running on solar energy within the next three years. Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s other fitment centres are currently in various phases of this transition.

The Company cemented its decision to use renewable energy for a number of reasons. The most important of these is the brand’s stated responsibility to ensure a healthier future for generations to come.

Other important factors that informed this decision include soaring energy prices, and the uncertainty of loadshedding in South Africa.

Alex Taplin, TiAuto Investments CEO, is passionate about the project. “Society, and that includes us, our shareholders and financiers have a duty to take active steps towards using clean renewable energy sources to lessen our impact upon the environment. State-of-the-art technology that embraces sustainability is now readily available, so it would be highly remiss of us were we not to incorporate these technologies and obvious benefits into our everyday operations.”

“The advantages of solar power are tangible and measurable. By way of example, if we take just the initial Fourways store pilot project, we’re looking at a reduction of over 28,000kg of reduced CO² emissions per annum. That’s the equivalent of 64 trees saved.”

“And that’s just one store! Once we have fully executed stores in Phase 1 to solar power, representing 16 stores, we will be reducing emissions equivalent by over 560,000 kg of CO², as well as reducing our oil equivalent by 80,000 litres a year. That’s the same as saving 1,200 trees a year. We call on other businesses to move to sustainable energy, as we will all benefit in the end.”

Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s solar solution is all the more impressive as it enables stores to continue full operation at normal capacity, without any reduction in our product or superior service offerings. What’s more, thanks to being increasingly self-sufficient from a power supply perspective, Company’s power system is now even more stable, and in a small way we can assist by reducing reliance on an already overburdened Eskom Grid.

Taplin was very complimentary about Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s solar power service provider’s delivery – Easy Power. “A flawless job. They had the system fully operational within 14 days. Highly recommend them.”

Visit www.twt.co.za for more information about Tiger Wheel & Tyre.